Christian Youth In Action

     Our Christian Youth In Action Program (Otherwise known as C.Y.I.A) is for Christian Youth ages 13 and above who have a heart to share the Gospel with children. These teenagers are a vital part of our ministry, helping us to share the Gospel in many places through the summer.  

     In order to become a C.Y.I.A summer missionary a teen must submit an application through our office.  After submitting the application there are several pretraining classes help at our office. These classes include learning to share the Gospel using the wordless book, memory verses pertaining to salvation and verses that will be taught this summer, learning what 5 day clubs are and how to manage them and other useful ministry tips.  Then these teens take the state qualifying test showing that they have learned the material and verses from pretraining.  After that, we take the teens to 6 days of training camp in Fairview, NC where they join teenagers from all over NC learning curriculum to teach during the summer to children who attend 5 day clubs.  There they learn Bible lessons, memory verses, songs, missionary stories and games, all including the Gospel. They present these lessons for staff as well as teach them in a local 5 day club in Asheville. Once they are through with the training camp, they come back here and teach in our chapter for 4 weeks during the summer. These wonderful teens do all the teaching in the 5 day club! Our staff is on hand to help if necessary but these teens are great and rarely need any help! 5 Day clubs are held in Daycares, school summer care programs, YMCA's church VBS' and any other location that will allow us to share the Gospel. The teens teach for 1 hour in the same location for 5 days.  They may end up teaching 4 or more clubs a day!

     We are so blessed to work with these teens who are out to make a difference in the world by sharing the Gospel!